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Keloid Removal Surgery in Tampa, FL

There are 11 million people who suffer from keloids. A keloid is a growth of extra scar tissue where the skin has healed after an injury. Keloids expand in claw-like growths over normal skin. They have the capability to hurt with a needle-like pain or to itch without warning, although the degree of sensation varies from person to person.


Keloids can be a burden for patients, not only can the appearance affect self esteem but some of the symptoms such as pain, itching, and infections can cause discomfort and interfere with daily activities. We are here to help you look and feel your best.

Arviv Medical Aesthetics has a group of physicians skilled at removing keloids. We pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive solution for keloid removal. Our goal is to remove the keloid and also maintain the normal anatomical appearance when possible. When appropriate, adding in superficial radiation therapy can reduce the chance of recurrence to less than 10%. We have also partnered with Dr. Abdullah, a reconstructive surgeon that can remove even the most complex keloids.

Keloids are difficult to treat and often we are able to do 2-6 sessions of kenalog injections, w steroid, that reduces inflammation and growth of the keloid and slowly shrinks it. However, if this method is not sufficient due to very enlarged keloids, the only method to “cure” yourself and improve your appearance is to excise the keloid and then undergo superficial radiation therapy (SRT) which can achieve cure rates of up to 90%.

Types of Keloid Removal

Types of Keloid Removal 2

Sensus Healthcare’s SRT-100 is a state-of-the-art and effective solution to treat keloids. Numerous clinical publications have demonstrated that combining SRT with surgery is the most effective and successful way to treat and rid of your keloids. Keloids don’t have to be a chronic disease anymore.

  • 90%+ cure rate
  • Virtually Painless
  • Enhance Quality of Life
  • Proven Treatment
  • Prevents Recurring Surgeries and Injections

Everyone has had an injury that left scar tissue, but for about 11 million people that scar tissue can turn into a keloid. A keloid is an overgrowth of scar tissue that is smooth to the touch, and usually bright red or purple. They are also raised, creating a large bump on the skin that continues to grow.

Depending on their location, some keloids can look like a tumor, although they are not cancerous. Keloids can also feel itchy or even painful. Some people report feeling a needle-like sensation in the area, although the intensity of this pain is subjective.



Tampa Keloid Treatment Options

There are a number of treatment options currently available for keloids, and many new treatments are being studied. At Arviv Plastic Surgery, we use only state-of-the-art, proven techniques to treat keloids and prevent their reoccurrence. Some of the treatments we use include:

Kenalog is a corticosteroid called triamcinolone that can be used to prevent keloids from growing by decreasing inflammation and redness. It typically takes about two to six injections of Kenalog to treat a keloid successfully.

In some cases, surgical excision of the keloid is necessary. Unfortunately, keloids are notorious for returning after surgical removal, making preventative treatment after surgery a necessity. Typically, Kenalog injections or superficial radiation therapy are used to prevent the recurrence of the keloid.

Although keloids are not cancerous, superficial radiation therapy can still be an effective treatment, especially after surgical removal of the scar tissue. At Arviv Aesthetics, the state-of-the-art Sensus Healthcare’s SRT-100 device is used to safely and effectively treat keloids. This device has a 90 percent success rate and has been proven to help prevent the reoccurrence of keloids after surgical excision and treatment is painless.

In the majority of people with keloids, a combination of therapies is required for successful treatment and prevention. We want to ensure that you are satisfied with your results. That’s why Dr. Arviv sits down with patients and develops a customized treatment plan with them. By talking with her patients, she learns exactly what your expectations are and can tailor keloid treatment to your needs.

Whether it’s a combination of Kenalog and SRT or surgical excision and Kenalog treatments, Arviv Aesthetics is the authority on keloid treatment. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment and get the treatment you need and deserve.

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Why Choose Arviv Keloid Removal for Breast Implants in Tampa, FL?

When you have your keloid procedure in Tampa at our surgical center, you can be assured you are in good hands.

Our surgeons are committed to giving our patients all the information they need to make informed decisions about their aesthetic goals during our in-depth consultations. Our staff is available for questions at any time before the surgery. We meet or exceed every safety protocol during your procedure to ensure the best possible outcome for your surgery.


Before & After Keloid Removal


keloid before and after keloid before and after
keloid before and after 2 keloid before and after 2



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