Body Lift (Belt Lipectomy)

Lower Body Lift Tampa, FL

Lower Body Lift, is also referred to as Belt Lipectomy

As we age and due to fluctuations in our weight, the skin surrounding the lower part of our core (the area that would be touched by a belt) often sags. Belt Lipectomy often referred to as a lower body lift is a procedure utilized to lift and tighten the lower abdomen and lower back by removing excess fat and skin.

To ensure satisfaction from your belt lipectomy procedure, look to an experienced and skilled board-certified cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Ahmed Abdullah. Patients throughout the Midwest have trusted Dr. Abdullah with their belt lipectomy procedure because of his ability to ensure natural-looking results that improve the overall physique.

Belt Lipectomy Candidates

You may be suitable for a lower body lift (belt lipectomy) if you fit any of the following scenarios:

  • You have lost a significant amount of weight on your own or due to gastric bypass
  • Aging or weight fluctuations have left you with loose skin that hangs around your belt line
  • Your weight is generally stable and you are within your target weight range
  • You do not smoke

The first step to pursuing a belt lipectomy is to undergo a consultation at Arviv Plastic Surgery with Dr. Abdullah, who will discuss the details of the procedure with you while performing a physical examination and inquiring about your medical history. He will verify that you are in good health and will ensure that your expectations of surgery are reasonable and realistic. If Dr. Abdullah determines that you are, indeed, a good candidate for belt plasty, he will develop a treatment plan that addresses your specific goals.

Benefits of Belt Lipectomy Procedure

A more contoured body
If you’ve recently lost a lot of weight, you may be dealing with excess skin that doesn’t quite have the elasticity to snap back into place. In this case, a lipectomy – which is a surgery to remove excess skin – can help give your body a more contoured look with a flatter stomach.

Less Complications
When skin folds rub together, it can cause swelling, rashes, or ulcers. This is especially the case between the skin folds in your groin area. These areas are more susceptible to developing infections that are hard to take care of and resolve.

A lipectomy is a surgical procedure to remove excess skin. This can help reduce the risk of irritation and infection, and may be recommended for people who have undergone significant weight loss.

More confident
Having excess skin after weight loss can feel like you’re still carrying around your old self – even though you’ve made such positive changes and worked hard to achieve a healthier size. It’s important to remember that you deserve to feel good about yourself, no matter what your body looks like.

A lipectomy helps you achieve a body that matches your effort so you feel confident, rather than self-conscious.

Hygiene Improvement
Large folds of skin and subcutaneous fat can be hard to keep clean. Moisture and dirt can accumulate in the folds, making it difficult to use the bathroom or navigate around excess tissue.

A lipectomy is a quick and easy way to get rid of that extra skin that gets in the way when you’re trying to shower, bathe or use the restroom. With this procedure, you’ll feel cleaner and more confident in no time!

Belt Lipectomy Procedure in Tampa

At the start of a Belt Lipectomy procedure, anesthesia is administered to ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. Dr. Abdullah will then make an incision that extends around the lower torso, through which he will remove excess fat, potentially via liposuction (hyperlink), and tighten muscles and tissues. Excess skin tissue is removed before the incision is closed.

Patients are generally discharged within hours of the lower body lift surgery to allow them to recover at home.

Recovery from Belt Lipectomy

During the first few days following discharge from the hospital, patients will need to rest at home, drink plenty of fluids and eat light meals. Within three weeks, most patients can resume light activity with a return to work being approved within three to four weeks.

Dr. Abdullah will provide detailed aftercare instructions for incision care, pain control and follow-up appointments. He and his team are available to answer questions about your recovery at any time following the procedure.

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