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Everyone has scars — some from childhood, some from accidents, some from medical procedures. However, not everyone is comfortable with these marks, especially if they’re starkly obvious, painful, or tied to traumatic memories. The good news is, if your scars cause discomfort, you don’t have to live with them a day longer.

Arviv Plastic Surgery offers scar revision surgery at our clinic in Tampa, FL. Under our professional care, your scars can become less noticeable.

Good Candidates For Scar Revision

Scar revision isn’t for everyone, so the first step is to ask if you’re a candidate for the process. Because surgery comes with risks, it’s essential that you’re healthy and don’t smoke. Additionally, scar revision techniques can’t be used on skin that has ongoing acne or other conditions, so these issues need to be treated before you can consider scar revision.

Good candidates are also realistic about results. While scar revision can drastically reduce the appearance of scars, it won’t make them disappear completely, and patients who hope to get the most from the procedure understand that.

Treatment type and results are dependent on scar type, as some scars are more visible than others. As part of your consultation, we’ll discuss your types of scars and treatment options.

Hypertrophic Scars

Hypertrophic scars are typically the result of infection or inflammation during healing, though sometimes they’re caused by a patient’s skin type. They tend to be raised and discolored, making them highly visible. Some patients may experience discomfort, pain, or itchiness.


Many patients with keloids are unhappy with their appearance, as they may be raised, ridged, and darker than the surrounding skin. Unlike hypertrophic scars, keloid scars are larger than the original wound, caused by scar overgrowth. Patients may also experience physical discomfort in the area:

    • Irritation
    • Tenderness
    • Itchiness

Depending on where the scar tissue forms, patients may also have a reduced range of motion.


Contractures are most common with burns, which can drastically impact your skin, nerves, and muscles. The skin typically tightens as it heals, limiting your range of motion. Contractures are also highly visible, which is why many patients seek cosmetic surgery.

What To Expect

What can you expect during your scar revision treatment? Like many medical procedures, the services available at our Tampa, FL, clinic require several steps, the first of which is a consultation. During this meeting, your physician will discuss a treatment plan and outline what you can expect at each step.


The consultation is comprised of an exam and conversation. Your physician will look over the scar and may photograph the area. Then, the two of you will talk about your cosmetic goals and surgical options.

During this time, you should ask any questions you may have. A few common patient questions include the following:

    • Are there any preparations I need to make?
    • How long is the recovery period?
    • Where will the procedure be performed?


Effective scar removal requires a personalized treatment plan that considers your skin type, scar type, and medical history. In some cases, a combination of techniques may be used, while more superficial scars only require one. Deep scar tissue may require surgery and have a longer recovery time.

Layered Closure

Layered closure is used on the deepest scars that impact multiple layers of skin. While this approach still results in a scar, it can make the new shape and placement less conspicuous.

Surface Treatments

As you may have guessed, surface treatments address scars on the epidermis, the top layer of skin. There are several effective procedures in this category:

    • Skin Bleaching: This process lightens skin and is used for dark spots and discoloration.
    • Dermabrasion: A rough-surfaced instrument called a dermabrader removes the top layer of skin cells, including scar tissue.
    • Chemical Peels: Chemical peels also remove the top layer of skin cells but use a chemical mask.
    • Laser Therapy: This procedure uses a specially calibrated light to remove the top layer of skin cells.

The last three techniques rely on collagen production to reduce the visibility of scars and rejuvenate the skin. Whenever the skin is damaged, collagen is created as part of the healing process. Collagen is responsible for elasticity, providing a greater range of motion and a more youthful appearance.

Scar Revision Recovery and Results

The length of your recovery depends on the scar revision procedure performed, but in general, you should expect to have a few weeks of recovery time. Your physician will provide instructions to ensure a full recovery and successful scar revision, and it’s crucial that you follow these. Since many treatments involve strategically damaging the skin in some way, there’s a risk of infection if you don’t take care of the affected area properly.

Additionally, you shouldn’t expect to see significant changes in your scarring right away. First, the swelling and redness that follows some procedures will abate. Next, you’ll see the scar tissue gradually become less noticeable over several months. The final results will be apparent after a year.

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If you’re interested in scar revisions, there’s no need to search for “scar specialist near me.” Arviv Plastic Surgery is located right here in Tampa, FL, and ready to help patients who want to reduce the appearance of their scars.

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