Chin Augmentation

Chin Implant and Augmentation Tampa, FL

Chin Augmentation (Genioplasty)

The chin plays a significant role in the overall harmony and balance of the facial features. For example, a small chin may make the nose look larger than it is. If your chin’s natural size and shape don’t complement the rest of your face, you may be interested in chin implants and chin augmentation in Tampa, FL to add strength and structure.

The procedure can help you enjoy a more pleasant overall facial appearance. Dr. Abdullah, a trusted board-certified plastic surgeon in Tampa, has many years of experience performing chin augmentation on patients from throughout Florida as well as the U.S. and relies on the artistic aptitude to deliver natural-looking results.

Candidates for Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation may be a good option for you if you are unhappy with a weak or receding chin. Some people are born with a chin that appears receded or not prominent enough. In others, as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has found, the facial bones may shift, reduce or enlarge with age, making the chin look less prominent than it used to.

To qualify for chin augmentation, you should:

  • Be in good health
  • Not smoke
  • Have no uncontrolled medical conditions which could increase surgical risks
  • Have reasonable expectations of surgery
  • Desire improvement, not necessarily perfection

If you are considering chin augmentation, Dr. Abdullah will meet with you for an informational consultation to discuss the procedure and determine whether you are a suitable candidate. He will examine your facial features, including your chin and jaw, and analyze the composition of your skin. He will also inquire about your goals of surgery and desired results. Based on the information gleaned from the consultation, Dr. Abdullah will put together a surgical plan to address your concerns. This could include using an artificial chin implant or advancing your own bone.

If Dr. Abdullah feels it would benefit you, he may suggest a complementary procedure, such as liposuction to eliminate excess fat along the jawline, or rhinoplasty surgery to bring the nose into better proportion with the newly shaped chin. These options will be discussed during your initial consultation.

Tampa Chin Implants & Augmentation Procedure

Tampa chin implants and augmentation is performed on an outpatient basis. You will receive anesthesia to remain comfortable during the procedure.

If Dr. Abdullah feels it would be more beneficial to use an implant to augment your chin, he will make the surgical incision either under the lower lip inside the mouth, or under the chin in a natural skin fold. Through the incision, he will create an appropriately sized pocket for the implant, and carefully insert it. Finally, he closes the incision with sutures and places surgical bandages.

If, on the other hand, Dr. Abdullah chooses to advance your own chin bone, he will make an incision underneath the lower lip inside the mouth. He will use special technology to separate the edge of the chin bone, and move it forward, positioning it with wires or bone plates and screws. Once the chin bone has been properly positioned to create the appropriate projection and shape, Dr. Abdullah will close the incision with sutures and apply surgical tape over it.

Recovering from Chin Augmentation

Dr. Abdullah will give you detailed instructions for caring for your incision, controlling any pain and returning to his office for follow-up visits. He also makes himself available to answer any questions during your recovery.

After chin augmentation surgery in Tampa, the chin may be swollen, discolored and sore; side effects that will gradually subside. If you feel pain or discomfort, take oral pain medication, as prescribed by Dr. Abdullah.

During your initial recovery, you’ll want to rest and avoid any strenuous activity. As your chin heals, Dr. Abdullah will check your progress and let you know when it is safe to return to work, exercise and your everyday activities.

Everyone heals differently, but in general, most chin augmentation patients recover within a week or so.

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