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Shared Ambulatory Surgery Center in Tampa, FL

Many patients may avoid surgery because they assume they must stay overnight at a hospital. If you are a surgeon or medical professional who practices in Tampa, FL, and are looking for a professional surgical space to use as an ambulatory surgery center, consider Arviv Plastic Surgery’s facilities.

Finding ideal ambulatory surgery center rental rates at a facility that is qualified for the type of procedure you need could be the key to your patients completing a necessary procedure and getting their lives back on track. Read through our information below to learn more about ASCs, the types of services you may provide when you rent a space to use as an ASC, and how to get in touch with us to schedule this rental.

What Is an ASC?

An ambulatory surgery center functions as an outpatient clinic for surgical patients. When patients visit an ASC, they are doing so for the exclusive purpose of attending an appointment for scheduled surgery. These surgeries are not complex in nature, and the appointments end with the patient being discharged on the same day after a period of rest.

Patients may stay for a few hours to recover from their surgery, but they do not sleep overnight at the facility. ASC surgeons are licensed, credentialed, and experienced practitioners in their fields, just like hospitals.

Which of Your Patients in Tampa Could Visit an ASC?

Patients who book non-life-threatening surgeries in advance — in other words, procedures that are not emergencies — could be good candidates for an ASC. Though ASCs are health clinics, they do not function as primary care offices. If a patient needs a wellness checkup or a prenatal exam, it’s best for them to contact a primary care practitioner or OBGYN.

What Services Does an ASC Provide?

ASCs provide several procedures and services for patients, and it’s important to help patients understand that ASC surgeons are just as credentialed as the surgeons in hospitals. An ASC is not a training center. An ASC can provide the following scheduled services and more:

  • General surgery
  • Gynecological surgery
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Ear, nose, and throat surgery
  • Eye surgery

If patients need an emergency visit, they should go to the local emergency room. ASCs do not offer urgent care or emergency care, childbirth services, or any type of regular “checkup” that may be may schedule at a primary care office. ASCs are primarily surgical clinics. If ambulatory surgery center rental rates or equipment rental are of interest to you, please get in touch with us to discuss how we may assist.

Frequently Asked Questions About ASCs

The concept of an ambulatory surgery center may be confusing to your patients if they expect to undergo a procedure at a hospital. Reassuring your patients that ASCs are of the same quality may be helpful when suggesting an ASC over a traditional hospital service.’s finished, he will close the incisions with sutures and bandage the nose.

Which Types of Clinics Are Not ASCs?

ASCs are not urgent care centers, physicians’ offices, or emergency rooms. They are used by licensed and board-certified surgeons who have scheduled their patients’ surgery in advance of the appointment. They are not diagnostic clinics and they do not provide childbirth services.

Do Patients Need an Appointment at an ASC?

Yes. Patients will need to have visited a healthcare provider and scheduled an appropriate procedure at the ASC in advance. Your patients need time for their surgery as well as space in a dedicated recovery room as they rest before going home. In contrast to a traditional hospital setting, your patient will not need to spend the night at our center.

Why Should We Rent an ASC?

Investing in a surgical facility can be tricky, and this process can be made more complicated by legal matters. Purchasing a facility, especially if you are a working medical professional, can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Our facility is already surgical in nature and can provide the perfect space for the medical professional who wishes to book a clinic for an ASC rental. You may be interested in obtaining a custom quote that takes into account the number of staff you will need or the hours you wish to rent our surgical facilities for patients’ scheduled surgeries.

About Arviv Plastic Surgery

Arviv Plastic Surgery is a state-of-the-art surgical center where our practitioners specialize in procedures that help patients look and feel their best. We offer the following types of surgery:

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In addition to providing our plastic surgery patients with the highest quality of care, we also provide space for those who perform ambulatory surgical services. Our licensed surgical facility is available for rent to local surgeons and medical practitioners. Get in touch with our office in Tampa, FL today to learn more about our facility and to get a quote for ambulatory surgery center rental rates. We look forward to being of service!

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