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Ultra Peel

An ultra peel is a combination of mechanical and chemical exfoliation. One pass of microdermabrasion is preformed to mechanically remove dead skin, then glycolic acid is applied to chemically exfoliate deeper into the epidermis. This gives you a deeper peel than a microdermabrasion or glycolic peel will give you separately, but it's not as strong as a TCA peel. You may experience redness after the treatment, and can last up to two days. Some people experience darkening and/or peeling up to three days after the peel. Makeup can be applied post procedure. Sunscreen must be worn daily for at least three weeks after an ultra peel. Full benefits from the peel will be around 1 to 2 months. A series of six, 3-4 weeks apart, will give you better results. Proper at home skin care is important to maintain and enhance peel results.

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